Restore Your Comfortable Smile

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry can help you resolve painful dental problems with careful tooth extractions in St. Clair, MI. Toothaches and dental pain can grow into an unbearable issue, so we restore your smile and comfort with caring treatment.
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Caring Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

We may be able to remedy your broken, damaged, or decaying tooth with a simple treatment, but not all cases are so convenient. Your tooth may need removal to restore your oral health. Extracting a tooth prevents you from enduring further infections or decay, stopping constant pain in its tracks after your mouth heals from the procedure. Water’s Edge Family Dentistry’s doctor and staff will keep you as comfortable as possible by using numbing agents and sedatives to ensure a painless procedure.
Tooth Extractions in St. Clair

Quality Options to Replace Your Teeth

After extracting a tooth, you need a suitable replacement option to maintain good oral health and restore your full smile. Water’s Edge Family Dentistry offers patients various replacement options and guides you to the best choice for your needs and goals. We can place a replacement tooth to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth with your old natural tooth’s appearance, texture, and color. Your smile will stand out instead of a gap between your teeth. Contact us today for more information.

Family Dental Care in St Clair