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Routine Dental Care to Maintain Your Smile

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry covers your family’s oral health needs with exceptional dental care. Routine exams and dental cleanings are essential to maintain a clean, healthy mouth and beautiful teeth. We offer general dentistry to children and adults.
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Trusted General Dentistry in St. Clair, MI

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry offers general dentistry services in St. Clair, MI, to children and adults of all ages. We are proud to cover your family’s oral health needs with exceptional dental care by offering routine exams, dental cleanings, and comprehensive dental services. Our general dentistry services help improve your overall oral health and prevent future oral health issues. Dr. Venancio Torres and our exceptional dental staff ensure optimal dental care when you’re in our chair. We utilize innovative dentistry techniques and offer outstanding dental care to all our patients. Contact us to learn more.
Family Dental Care in St Clair

Why General Dentistry?

A general dentist performs the same services as any dental professional focusing on oral health. As a patient’s primary care dental provider, we offer comprehensive dental services to maintain and promote oral health. We’re continually educating patients about dental health and working together to prevent future dental concerns.

Dental Health Care in St Clair

What Does General Dentistry Involve? 

General dentists treat a range of common oral health concerns and provide exceptional dental care. Our general dentistry services include:

Teeth Cleanings – We recommend routine dental cleanings every six months to examine and thoroughly clean your teeth with fluoride.

Dental Extractions – We offer painless dental extraction services if we need to extract teeth due to overcrowding, decay, or damage.

Partial & Full Dentures – We can replicate your missing natural teeth with partial or full dentures.

Root Canal Therapy – Our painless root canal therapy includes removing your infected pulp and bacteria, then sealing off the canal.

Bridges & Crowns – Bridges and crowns are an easy and effective way to cover and stabilize damaged teeth with natural-looking aesthetics.

Common Dental Trauma – We can treat many oral health concerns, including cavities, gum disease, cosmetic issues, broken teeth, oral infections, and more.

Importance of General Dentistry

General dentistry is a critical part of maintaining your oral health. Tooth decay and gum disease can create significant oral issues, including infections and conditions that affect your entire body. General dentistry services address the early detection and prevention of gum disease and tooth decay. Our comprehensive general dentistry services ensure your entire family receives optimal oral healthcare in one place. We recommend visiting us twice a year for a professional dental examination and teeth cleaning.

Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Clair

Why Choose Waters Edge Family Dentistry? 

Waters Edge Family Dentistry puts your dental needs first. We have extensive dental knowledge to help keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Our team of dental technicians offers a range of restorative, emergency, general, and cosmetic dentistry services to fit your oral needs. When you walk through our doors, we treat you like family. We’re excited to educate you about dental health and promote future dental wellness techniques.

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Water's Edge Family Dentistry provides exemplary general dentistry services to St. Clair, MI. We’re here to ensure you love your smile and maintain a healthy mouth. We welcome patients of all ages and always use the latest dental technology to help you feel comfortable. We’re confident you’ll leave our office with a fresh, bright smile. Contact us today to schedule a dental examination, cosmetic treatment, or restorative care.

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