Dentures & Partials

Solutions to Make You Smile Confidently Again

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry offers our St. Clair, MI patients a complete smile again with custom-made dentures and partials. Our dental practice offers full or partial teeth replacements we tailor to fit your needs.
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The Perfect Product to Restore Your Teeth

Dentures and partials are perfect solutions to replace missing teeth.

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry customizes dentures to replicate your missing natural teeth’ appearance, bite, and feeling. These full-set replacements function just like natural teeth after we secure them over your gum. Partials are a specially designed option to fill gaps left by tooth loss. You anchor partials to the area where you’ve lost teeth.

We match both options to your natural teeth’ color and texture, making them a perfect fit for your mouth.

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We Customize Replacements to Your Unique Needs

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry’s specialty is helping our patients smile, chew, and speak as they used to after losing a few teeth or their entire set. Our customized replacements restore your teeth’ ideal function, feeling, and appearance.

We'll speak with you about your restorative wants and needs during your consultation. This information helps us determine which replacement options suit your unique case. We proudly complete our treatments to make you feel secure and confident in your smile again.

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