Emergency Dentistry

Quick Solutions for Urgent Dental Issues

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry specializes in prompt emergency dentistry for St. Clair, MI patients of all ages. We can relieve your pain, resolve your sudden dental issue, and prevent future problems from developing.
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Helping Patients With Immediate Dental Care

If you have sudden tooth pain or chip a tooth, you need quick dental treatment to resolve the damage and soothe your pain. Toothaches, cracks, and other problems may indicate a more severe issue, like an infection or tooth decay. Water’s Edge Family Dentistry’s doctor and staff have extensive training in urgent oral health issues and empathy for your suffering. Our pain-relieving emergency dentistry includes the following treatment options:

Dental Treatments in St. Clair
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We numb your pain and remove irreparable teeth.
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Root Canals

We clean out bacteria and infected tissue from your tooth.
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Relieving Your Pain and Fixing Your Teeth

You'll find comfort and security at Water's Edge Family Dental with our emergency dental care. You and your children don’t need to suffer from an infection, tooth decay, or any other uncomfortable dental issues for long. We’ll examine your mouth to identify your pain’s precise cause and create a custom plan to restore your oral health. Our treatment process is quick and effective, so you can enjoy a pain-free mouth again and return to your daily life.
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