Root Canals

We Restore Your Smile and Comfort

Water's Edge Family Dentistry can resolve your pain and restore your oral health with root canals in St. Clair, MI if you have decaying or damaged teeth that lead to infections. We examine your painful tooth to determine the cause and form a plan to stop it.
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Effective Pain Resolution and Teeth Restoration

Bacteria can get into your damaged or decayed tooth and infect the tissue, leaving you in pain and worried about finding the best treatment. Fortunately, today’s root canals are painless and convenient because of advancements in technology and medicine. During this procedure, Water’s Edge Family Dentistry’s doctor and staff carefully remove your infected pulp and bacteria and then seal off the canal to prevent bacteria from infecting your tooth again. We keep the procedure painless using a safe and effective sedative, so you feel comfortable and at ease. Contact us today for more information.

Teeth Restoration Service in St Clair

Dental Care for Various Ages

You don’t need to endure your chronic tooth pain for long when you contact Water’s Edge Family Dentistry for emergency care. Trying to ignore your problem lets bacteria build up in your tooth, causing more pain and growing into more severe dental issues. You’ll feel better after we treat your tooth with a safe and virtually painless root canal.

Root canals are available to patients of all ages. We make you and your family feel comfortable and at home at our practice, with safety and patient confidence as our top priorities.

Dental Care in St Clair