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Dental Crown & Bridges in St. Clair, MI

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry develops and implements the perfect restorative solution for your teeth in St. Clair, MI with custom crowns and bridges. We cover damaged teeth with realistic crowns and fill in gaps from missing teeth with carefully crafted bridges.
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Selecting the Right Tooth Replacement Option

If you have a damaged or broken tooth, a dental crown is an outstanding way to restore it without replacing it. Crowns cover and stabilize damaged teeth and match their original color and size. We can replace missing teeth with permanent bridges, complete with realistic imitation teeth and designs to ensure they function, feel, and appear the same as your natural teeth.

With crowns and bridges, Water’s Edge Family Dentistry can reverse the issues damage and decay cause and enhance your teeth’ strength while giving you a beautiful smile.

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Start Restoring Your Teeth With an Appointment

Water’s Edge Family Dentistry knows every smile is unique, so we offer each patient customized care to address their individual needs. Our doctor and staff will guide you through the restorative process, starting with your initial appointment and continuing after you achieve a perfect smile. We want you to feel confident in our dental professionals’ expertise, and your best interests are our top priority. You can contact us today to enjoy unbeatable dental care.

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